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ByJoNan the Librarianon January 4, 2015
This book is very good with a good amount of action, but also good gospel lessons. The characters are interesting and each unique, and the story is told in great pacing. The author definitely shows knowledge about the parts of the world that he writes about. I would recommend this book for young adults. I think that plenty of adults would enjoy would enjoy it too. Over all, this book is very good.
ByElijahon August 14, 2014
Fun read. Adventure, friendship, mystery, a teenage crush, international travel, heroism and on and on. I'm only half way through but that's only because I started reading it last night. So far I love it. I was looking for a good book to read to my kids as a good bedtime story and this one is perfect I know my kids are going to love it. How the writer was able to get into the mindset of a 14 year old teen so well is amazing. It's like I was there as well. The creepy part is when I was that age I had an old station wagon in my backyard we called The Millennium Falcon that we used to pretend we'd travel all around the world in. Thanks for such a fun read!


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I couldn't put it down as I've always been a youth at heart. I'm looking forward to seeing what other powers the ring has, "besides transport" in the sequel. I started the book From the Backseat early yesterday. I had to finish it and stayed up until 10:45 last night to do so. Eric, Victor and Mala are now well in my memories. Great, exciting book. My three teenagers now want to read it.


Steve H

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It reminded me of Harry Potter only 100 times better!

Age 10

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You are my favorite author. I have started a fan club. We are waiting anxiously for your book to be published. We will have a sleepover and read it all night because that is how I read it the first time. I am ordering 12 books. 

K.E., Boise, ID